• If You Read You Learn

If You Read You Learn

Reading Is A Skill

85% of Learning is Visual.

When eyes are open, 61% of a brain's electrical activity is used to process visual information.

The C-Rod will help if your child loses their place or skips words or lines when they read.

The C-Rod Will Help A Developing Reader Develop Better Eye Movement Skills

The C-Rod is an eye exercise tool that uses standardized protocols and working distances on a fixed plane; 1) Saccadic Eye Movements on a horizontal plane - first slow then fast. 2) Slow Saccadic Eye Movements in the vertical and oblique planes. 3) Fixation and Tracking on a horizontal plane 4) Dynamic Near Point of Convergence Exercises; Near-Far Jumps 5) Accommodation / Convergence training. All in five minutes a day. U.S. Patent D931,457